Why do girls like buying makeup?

I can’t recall how many times I’ve been asked the same question the year I just developed an interest in makeup. Is there a definite answer for it? My response would be “I don’t know. I just do.” Some people wouldn’t be totally convinced with this kind of reasoning but what can I do? In fact, thinking about it, isn’t it the same kind of reasoning as falling in love with someone at first sight?


Look at this. LOOK AT THIS and tell me you don’t feel anything for it except your wallet crying. 

Some use makeup as a way to cover up their flaws and look the best they can. There’s nothing absolutely wrong with that so it kinds of ticks me off when people talk behind other’s back about people wearing makeup.

In my opinion, makeup is like an armor, it’s a way to ENHANCE your beauty (Ladies and Gentlemen, take note. It’s ENHANCE, written in bold and capitalized twice, the already existing beauty within)  it helps you feel  good about yourself, not because it makes you pretty but because it helps raise your confidence.

People who tell me that “You don’t need makeup, you look fine just the way you are.” may not be able to comprehend that I don’t wear makeup just to show off how amazing I look, it’s because putting on  makeup makes ME happy. And what right do others have to deprive me of that?



I have to admit that when I was young, I didn’t really understand the mindset of people who would spend tons of bricks of their money for things that would probably last them a long time if they just continued to use it and not lust after new products. I thought it was just an unhealthy obsession that took away your time and money. If you were a beauty vlogger or a makeup artist, I would understand, otherwise you better finish those tubes of lipsticks.



How to know if you have an addiction with buying makeup? Your drawer is filled to the end with lipstick tubes.


However, this year I turned 18, I somehow became very interested in korean skincare. I’ve always been a part of the K-wave since Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry took over the world. My mom was big fan of Korean dramas too with the handsome men, gorgeous women and unrealistic plots. However as you grow older, you’ve become more conscious of how you look and growing up as a acne-prone teenager, you’d know the important of taking care of your skin to prevent it from breaking out. And  if you’ve been affected by the Hallyu wave or K-wave for short, then you must know the secret to that flawless au natural Korean blemish-free skin.


  Yoona, you are under arrest for being too perfect. Please come with me to the station. 


I started taking care of my skin at 14 years old using only the three main but most important steps. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing. When I turned 17, my funds were sufficient enough to afford other products to incorporate into my skincare routine and so I slowly expanded my skincare regime and adopted the holy korean skincare routine.


Traditional skincare routine can actually reach from 10 steps to 20 steps but considering the income that a student gets from weekly allowance and part time jobs plus the time it takes to slap them on your face, these are the bare minimum. 

I’d love to delve more on about this topic but since this post isn’t focused on skincare, I’ll leave that post for another day. I was so into the korean skincare for 5 months before falling in love with makeup. Makeup, unlike skincare is unlimited in variety and comes in all shapes and sizes. It was a whole new different world for me. Colors that pop such as lipglosses were the first of their kind to attract me. Soon blushes and eyebrow pencils came after that and now I’m making baby steps into expanding my makeup collection taking care to ransack all makeup stores in the nearby area  shop in moderation and exercise a lot of self-control. Because seriously who can deny these colors?







                      The colors are so puuureeeeetttyyyyyy. *Looks at wallet and weeps*

I think I’m plenty suitable now to experiment with different colors and different looks since I’m 18. Now I’m going to start channeling the inner confidence in me and start rocking makeup without hesitation.  After all, a life you spend pleasing others isn’t a life worth living. Do what makes you happy. DO YOU!

These are just my general thoughts.How about you? What are your thoughts on people wearing makeup or makeup in general? Do you think it’s reasonable for people to spend money on it?

Thank you for taking the time to read the first post that I’ve took plenty of time to think of what to write about. Hope my rambling didn’t bore you XD

Lots of Love,

Li Ann


All photos used in the post are sourced from google images. NOT mine. Credit the right owners.


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