6ixty 8ight Mini Haul

Before you make an assumption that I’m a shopaholic, let me explain. I don’t usually buy clothes especially during winter so I wouldn’t really be a shopaholic in the clothes department. The makeup department on the other hand is an entirely different story.

6ixty 8ight is a brand that sells lingerie, casual wear and accessories established in Hong Kong (correct me if I’m wrong) and only has branches across China and Hong Kong so it isn’t really a problem if you haven’t come across this brand. However, I do encourage you to check this brand out if you come to Hong Kong on a vacation as they are not only affordable but also extremely adorable.

Christmas in Hong Kong isn’t as joyous for me as celebrated in the Philippines because my dearest family members aren’t present so my sister and I took the time to deepen our sisterly bond and took out to the streets of Causeway Bay and came across this store having a 50 percent off sale. This is what I came home with.

I just love everything pink. Don’t you?

I’m not sure if you would even call this haul since I didn’t buy a lot, however because I’m really satisfied with what I bought, I just wanted to share it with you all.


I bought two shirts, one skirt and two bras. The bras were for my sister because they didn’t have anything bigger than a C. However, the bras do have cute designs.


The first thing that caught my eye in the store and stuffed into my shopping bag was this red checked shirt. This had a short top compared to the normal checked shirts. I have seen a similar shirt and I really wanted to buy it in HnM however, it retailed for HKD150 so when I saw this shirt retailing for HKD98 at 6ixty 8ight, I immediately snatched it up. No regrets.

Me awkwardly posing at my bedroom cuz I’m too lazy to go outside. I’m pretty sure you are too.

For this shirt, I paired it up with jeggings that I bought from cotton on for HKD179 (hope it doesn’t stretch in the washing machine), leather boots borrowed from my sister, black and white knitted sweater (This was a STEAL for just HKD50 in Mongkok) and a black shoulder sling small bag. I also put my hair up in a bun because this look was very Korean fashion-inspired. To upgrade this look, you could wear a scarf and sunglasses.


This is just a normal blue sweater but what really sold me was the two little cute ribbons on the side. Yes, I’m a sucker for anything with ribbons. Whatchu’ gonna do? This retailed for HKD128.


I’m a girl but the number of skirts I own, winter and summer combined, can be counted by 1 hand. No exaggeration. I love red. I love checked patterns so there was no surprise that I immediately fell in love with this. This retailed for HKD 98. Again, a f*cking steal. I am in LOVEEEEE.


This just your normal over the knee socks with two white stripes on the top. This was a last-minute buy at the counter since it was only HKD38 and it would match well with the skirt that I bought.

If you could, I’d rather you not stare at my face for long. I know I look possessed.

This, on the other hand, is a more Japanese-inspired look. It focuses more on the cute and young aspect as opposed to the mature and trendy vibe the koreans have. That’s why I paired all three clothes with a pink cat-ear beanie, a grey shoulder-sling bag and a pair of Keds. To increase the cuteness factor, curl the hair. I’m not doing it because I’m not even going outside and I don’t want to spend 30 min on my hair.


Lastly, this is what 6ixty 8ight is most famous for. Lingerie. The sale was HKD68 for one and it was a buy one get one free sale for bras. The first bra is a grey bra with pink straps, the second is a black bra with ribbons on the strap. Cute, simple and affordable. What more do you want?

HnM used to be my favorite store because it was cheap and affordable during sales. Now, the price range of HnM is above my budget even during sales. Why, Hnm, why?! For my first buy at this store, 6ixty 8ight definitely did not disappoint. I’ll now be going to 6ixty 8ight stores more than HnM. The total for 6 things that I bought at 6ixty 8ight is less than HKD500. Well, there goes my part-time salary.

What are your favorite affordable clothing stores? Share them with me! I’d love to discover more. I think I need a little more exercise because all I’ve been doing is online shopping. Oh, the joys of home shopping. This year’s resolution is to go out more often and be more active. What are yours?

Wishing everyone good health and great luck for 2016. Happy New Year!!!!!

Lots of love,

Li Ann


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