Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

I passed by the Watsons store near my house and guess what I picked up.


Important note: It’s the new Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick. (Hong Kong is so late at releasing everything.) Now I know on the packaging it says vivid. However, after searching,the vivid lipstick packaging is in fact different and I think that somehow they misnamed it. This IS the velvet matte lipstick, NOT the Vivid liquid lipstick.  Maybelline, get your shit together please. This costs HKD 89 for one and there were only 10 shades available. Matt 1 and Matt 4 to Matt 12. Where did Matt 2 and 3 go? I don’t know. Honest.

The shade that caught my eye is Matt 12 only. Other shades are too bright colored and I was looking for a liquid lipstick I could use for everyday.


Packaging: The velvet matte liquid lipstick comes in a very sturdy Gclear light glass-like tube with the lipstick color visible and has a black glass-like cap on. It’s small so it’s travel friendly.



The applicator is spade shaped with a little curve to hug your lips when gliding it on.


The shade matt 12 is a coral kinda pink
shade. The color is very opaque when swiped once on the lips. It has very good color pay-off for a drugstore lipstick.


On my lips they look like this

Performance: Do I like it?  To be honest, I am torn. When I put it on my lips, there was a feeling on my lips. Then I realized, when I rubbed my lips together, there’s a velvety feel. When you touch your lips, it’s as soft as velvet too.  Hence, the name velvet matte liquid lipstick. Now you can either love it or hate it. For me, it didn’t really matter.
It also doesn’t dry fast like a matte lipstick should. It takes about probably 5 -10 min. for a light layer to dry matte. The thicker the layer you apply, the longer it takes to dry down, of course.
The pigmentation is very good though, very true to the color shown on the tube. It’s also not drying. Color lasted about 3 to 4 hours and completely disappeared after a meal.
The thing I hated the most about this is that sometimes when I have chapped lips and I put on my lip balm, the lipstick enhances the chapped skin and makes it more prominent and rough.However on the days I have moisturized lips, it’s great.

For people who are too lazy to read the paragraphs of performance. Here’s a summarized result of the liquid lipstick.

Good pigmentation
Affordable(?) (Expensive to me though T_T)
Sturdy packaging
Travel friendly
Not drying maybe even moisturizing (?)

Enhances chapped lips
Takes some time to dry and become matte
Not completely transfer-proof

Feels like velvet on the lips
Lasting power is 3 to 4 hours max without eating

Rate: 3/5

Repurchase?: Nah, wouldn’t risk the emphasis on chapped lips. It’s a love and hate relationship with this.

Best for: People who have naturally very moisturized lips. Don’t use if lips are chapped. Seriously. Don’t. No.

If it weren’t emphasizing my chapped lips, I would’ve loved the product. Thank god, I only bought one shade. Since this product didn’t go well with me, I gave it to my sister but she gave it back the next day and said she didn’t like it because it took too long to dry. Are there any other good drugstore liquid lipsticks I should try? I heard that L’oreal has one. I wonder if it is better than the Maybelline one. What are your thoughts?

Lots of Love,

Li Ann


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