New Korean YSL Volupte Tint-in-oil Dupe?

If you’re into high-end makeup, then you would know that hype that came with YSL’s Volupte Tint-in-oil. It was a new kind of product. I mean, tint+oil?  Definitely, something unique and that’s what made all the makeup fans so curious and snatch one for theirself. Now, just to clarify. lip oil doesn’t mean it makes your lips oily but that the product itself contains 5 kinds of oil to help provide moisture to your lips such apricot kernel, coriander fruit, jojoba seed, and possiflora edulis. However, at a price of USD32, this may just look like a fancy lip gloss.

Want to try the product without the guilt of spending a lot money? Don’t worry! Recently, Aritaum has released its own kind of lip oil tint. They call it “Aritaum Volume Up Oil Tint“.

aritaum volume up oil tint twofacemall

Aritaum’s new oil tint only comes in a variety of 5 shades in which,to me,the first and third shades look similar. This is kind of unimpressive in comparison to the YSL lip oil tints which at least has 8 different shades. However, with the price point of Aritaum, there shouldn’t be any complaints at all. Aritaum’s new oil tint sells at only 9000won which is about 4 times cheaper than the oil tint of YSL.

Aritaum has released a lot of tints before, for example, the color-lasting tint, honey melting tint, water sliding tint and the mirror gloss tint. All which garnered pretty good reviews. Will the success continue with this product? I personally think at its price, it’s worth giving this product a shot. 

What do you think about this new product? Are you excited about this new product? Do you think this can be a good dupe for the YSL lip oil tint? Share your thoughts!

Lots of Love,

Li Ann

Image is taken from Aritaum’s Official Website


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