New Etude House Releases and Sneak Peak of Spring Collection 2016

This is gonna be short and simple because I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. If you have delved deep into the world of Korean cosmetics and makeup, then you can’t possibly not know Etude House. 2016 is a new year and of course, what we are waiting for most in our life are new product releases. Here are the new releases of Etude House products and a sneak peak of the 2016 Spring Collection that’s yet to be released.  Enjoy the eye candy!




Scream, don’t squeal.

Etude House has released two new palettes in the Play Color Eyes series in two different tones. If you are a neutral shades lover, you will love the first palette called In The Cafe. These are currently available in the Etude House of Hong Kong retailing for HKD 250, however I’ve seen some instagram shops who directly buy it from Korea selling it for HKD 185 which if you don’t mind waiting for the shipping time is a very good deal.

The second palette is called Juice Bar which is full of orange and peach shades. Just my kind of palette. This has just been released in Korea and is not currently available in Hong Kong. More pictures of this palette here



Next is the Etude House Tint Brow Gel. Only available in three shades, this tint gel helps to achieve natural long lasting eyebrow in just minutes. This is similar to getting an eyebrow tattoo without the pain. However, I wouldn’t recommend this to people who have busy mornings.

This brow tint gel is now available in testerkorea for 7220won.


Seem familiar? This is a more enhanced version of the moistful collagen cream line, hence the word ‘deep’ cream. This is also just recently available in Hong Kong Etude House stores for HKD155.

What’s the difference between the normal cream and this deep cream? Well, the site says that normal cream contains 63.4 percentage of Super Collagen Water while the deep cream has 49% of it. Another difference is the finish of it, the normal one hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling like jelly, while the deep one leaves it feeling soft, hydrated and firm on contact all day. Both are perfect for the dry weather in winter.


Etude House has released a new line called True Relief which is made for people with sensitive, dry skin. The line has a toner, emulsion and cream. The cream is hypoallergenic and helps to calm irritated skin. There are also ingredients to help keep water such as hyaluronic acid and ceramide. For more information, check out the official website here. Link may expire.


Last but not least, a new line called Big Cover Concealer has been released. The line contains a Big Cover Concealer Bb which I think is concealer + bb cream in one and is available in three shades, vanilla, beige and sand, a cushion concealer available in 5 different shades (mint, peach, illuminate, vanilla and beige), a concealer stick and tip concealer in beige and sand and a concealer kit. For more info, please check official website.

The BB cream is now available in testerkorea for 12750won.

Finally, the official instagram of Etude House has uploaded a picture of their upcoming spring collection which I’m very excited for.




All of it are in red packaging which I find to be muchos adorable. Some of the products have actually been sold with an additional pink shirt on it so I was able to know some of the product prices. The blushes cost 8500won each. The small eyeshadow palette for 14000won and the liquid lipsticks for 9500won. The box is actually sold out now in testerkorea so check regularly and maybe they’ll stock back.

These are some of the new releases and I’m sure there are some that I’ve missed. Now stop judging me, I’ve tried my best *pout*. Which of the new releases seem most exciting to you? Let me know in the comments below. This is all the newest things that I’ve found on the internet and in Hong Kong so I may be late. However, I hoped this helped. I tried to make it short and simple, in the end I failed haha.

Lots of Love,

Li Ann

Trying to update you on the newest Korean stuff with the best of her abilities.

All images are taken either from Etude House Korea’s Official website, instagram and internet. No credits are being stolen so please don’t sue me. 


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