L’oreal Active Daily Moisture Lotion Review

Hey everybody!!!! My school exams are FINALLY over! Before I sink to eternal slumber, I figured I should put out this review first. So here it is!



Product Name: L’oreal Active Daily Moisture Lotion

Price: 70HKD at 759 Kawaiiland

Packaging: The product comes in a white plastic bottle with a mushroom shaped cap. The opening of the bottle is quite wide and can therefore dispense a large amount of product at at a time.

Amount of product: 118mL

Type: Moisturizer/Lotion


Scent: Mild flowers smell?

Texture and Color: The lotion is a slightly thick runny consistency which feels extremely rich when used. It is actually cream colored and not yellow like shown in the bottle inside.

How much I use each time

Performance: I first bought this last year in September at 759 Kawaiiland for around HKD70 with the intent of using it as a moisturizer. The words “For all skin types” caught my eye and I figured since I wanted to try other brands out, I should give this a try. However, once I opened it, I was shocked.

Having an oily type of skin, I preferred lightweight moisturizers over thick moisturizers because they minimize my face’s oil production. That’s why I never used this lotion during the summer because it made my face look shiny just after 4 hours. The winter, however, is an entirely different case. I broke this out for winter and I LOVED it. This lotion gave the moisture my skin needed to protect itself from the dry weather and made it baby butt smooth.

I also liked the packaging because it’s so easy to adjust how much product you want to use. Other than for moisturizing the face, you could also use this as a normal lotion to moisturize other parts of the body such as the soles of your foot or legs.


  • Extremely rich
  • Has SPF of 15. Better than  none!
  • Small amount goes a long way!
  • Smells nice (own preference)
  • Affordable (Frugal bitch in me says yessss)


  • Can be too moisturizing for oily-skinned people


Best for: Dry Skin during summer, Normal to Combination and maybe even oily skin during the cold winter

Rating: 4/5






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