Tony Moly Lip Tone Get It Tint Review

Hello people of the internet! I’m back —- temporarily from the depths of hell AKA Hong Kong DSE exams. It’s been a tense and dull month for me as I spend my days cooped up revising and the only thing that cheered me up is looking at makeup. But since I have a couple more days before all my exams end, *Silent fist pump* I thought why not put out a review since it’s been so long?

So today, I’m going to be reviewing Tony Moly’s Lip tone get it tint in two shades.





Product Name: Tony Moly Lip Tone Get It Tint

Shades in Total: 6 shades. The ones I got are in no.3 Play Orange and no. 6 Dark Night.

Packaging: It looks like a nail polish with a cap for security and to prevent any chances of the tint leaking out which I like. Inside is a short doe-foot applicator.

Price I got it for: HKD55

Scent: Sickeningly sweet



No.6 Dark Night
No. 3 Play Orange

Here are some swatches.

Swatches of the tint. Dark Night on the left. Play Orange on the right.
Swatches  Blended out
Stain remains after wiping off the tint


This is how they looked on my lips. I took these pictures during the winter time and I have already put lip balm on my lips but to no avail, my lips still look dry.

First off is the shade No. 03 Play Orange. This shades is a vivid orange on swatch but on the lips it looks more red. The first picture is the after the application, the second is after a 3 hour wear and the third is a 5 hour wear.




The second shade No.06 Dark Night is just a darker shade. Again the first picture is the application the second is after a 3 hour wear and the third is after 5 hours from left  to right.


Performance: First, I’m going to be talking about the texture of the tint. Because it’s a tint, I naturally assumed that it would be very liquid, however upon application, it’s a bit gel like but with a thin consistency and during application, it would apply streaky on my lips.

Now, you may be wondering why my lips look horrible. Well, when I applied the tint, I applied it to the whole lips and not just the inner rim of my mouth because I wanted my whole lips to be tinted but I found that over time, the tint looks extremely patchy on my lips and clung on to some parts while other parts faded after hours. I hated it. I looked like I was mugged by someone or was sick. So people with really dry lips, I wouldn’t really recommend this to you.

The only pro that I can say about this is that the tint is long lasting. The swatch on my hand lasted for more than 5 hours. Other than that, I didn’t really like this tint.

I was never actually a tint-type of person, however, I do like the convenience of tints sometimes and they do not need constant reapplication like regular lipsticks do but this tint didn’t do well for me. So it’s a NO from me.

Rate: 2/5


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